The beauty of Elbląg and the region in photography

From 11 January to the end of February, the Centrum Spotkań Europejskich "Światowid" in Elbląg will showcase nearly 80 photographs by PortEl readers, awarded in the "Photograph of the Month" competition. They show the beauty of Elbląg and the region, promoting our "little homeland".

The "Photograph of the Month" competition attracted several hundred photos from nearly 50 authors. They look at Elbląg and its surroundings with passion, which translates into unique shots. Taking photos is for them a break from everyday life, an activity that gives a lot of satisfaction, and an opportunity to do something creative.

Almost all of these extraordinary people will be able to be met during the vernissage, which will take place on 11 January at 6 p.m. in CSE Światowid (main hall). As every year, there will be cake for our guests and prizes for the authors of the most interesting photos.

There will also be a unique calendar full of good days to be won. You cannot buy the calendar, you can only receive it. The series is limited, so it will only go into the hands of really lucky people.

See you at the vernissage!

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