"My Ludzie Ziemi" exhibition in Światowid

Centrum Spotkań Europejskich "Światowid" in Elbląg invites you to the vernissage of Marian Lubawski's photographic exhibition entitled "We People of the Earth" on 1 March (Wednesday) at 18:00. "My Ludzie Ziemi" (We the People of the Earth). We invite you, admission is free!

Let's learn to live with the fact that we are different, we speak different languages, and our cultures and traditions are different. Let's respect each other because we are all people of the Earth - this is Marian Lubawski's message.

The artist's life adventure began in 2008 when he travelled to Cambodia for the first time. At that time, he wanted to get to know the world and thus return to the common roots of all human beings. With each trip, he reaffirmed that his dream was to learn about people of different cultures and their daily lives. He visited five continents and 36 countries and returned from each trip with a mass of memories and hundreds of photos. All his expeditions strengthened his conviction that despite cultural differences, the colour of our skin and the languages we use to communicate, we are the same.

Marian Lubawski - photographer and traveller. He comes from Elbląg. His passions are photography and expeditions to remote corners of our land. He is the winner of many competitions and the author of photographic exhibitions. In his photos, he tries to capture mainly people and their everyday life and unusual and picturesque places.

The exhibition will be open until 16 April 2023. Admission is free! We encourage you to visit during the working hours of the CSE "Światowid" in Elbląg.

Date and place | 1 March 2023 (Wednesday), 18:00, 1st and 2nd floor, CSE "Światowid" in Elbląg.

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