Screenings at the Światowid Cinema

We would like to present to you the offer of Światowid Cinema from 17 March. We invite you and look forward to meeting you.


"Cricket & Antoinette"

A story about animals that live in their groups and their habits differ. However, a certain event can bring them together forever. "Cricket & Antoinette " at Światowid Cinema from 17 March.

Ket plays guitar in a band made up of grasshoppers. Antoinette lives nearby - princess of the anthill, where all music is forbidden and a work ethos prevails. Antoinette and Ket meet by chance and become friends. When the princess is kidnapped by the sinister Anteodor - Ket and his friends set out to rescue her.

A fairy tale created by Aesop, the father of the "animal fable", but told in a completely different way. "Cricket & Antoinette " from 17 March at Światowid Cinema.


"School of Magical Animals"

A fantastic story aimed at younger audiences. A touch of magic with a pinch of friendship and the addition of a mysterious story. "School of Magical animals" at Światowid Cinema from 17 March.

Ida is new in her class. However, her teacher knows what to do to make the girl feel better and more confident. And nothing short of magic will help. Ida befriends a fox and her shy classmate Bennie's companion becomes a tortoise. The animals are gifted with unusual abilities: they speak with a human voice, perform tricks and are eager to play. Meanwhile, mysterious thefts begin to occur in the school corridors. The trademark of the perpetrator is a big yellow smile. Ida and her new classmates try to work out who the thief is. And it has to be said that without friends - including animal friends - it would be much more difficult. Will the riddle and finding the culprit be black magic for the characters?

A real treat for all fans of magical stories. "School of Magical animals" at  Światowid Cinema from 17 March.


"Shazam! Fury of the Gods"

The heroes of the first part return in a big way. A group of teenagers gain magical powers and turn into superheroes after saying the word "Shazam". Billy and his friends save the world from evil. "Shazam! Fury of the Gods” at Światowid Cinema from 17 March.

The film is set a few years after the first part. Billy Batson and his foster siblings lead a double life. In everyday life they are normal teenagers with teenage problems, at the same time, after uttering the slogan: "Shazam!" they are transformed into superheroes and, as them, become world famous. Billy, on the other hand, is still unsure whether the powers belong to him and whether he is worthy of them.

Brave teenagers will do their best to prevail against the forces of evil. "Shazam! Fury of the Gods" from 17 March at Światowid Cinema.



An intriguing thriller based on the book by the author of the acclaimed hit "Żmijowisko". A plot that moves and prompts the viewer to look deep into himself. An all-star cast and a director who received an Oscar nomination. "Wyrwa" available at Kino Światowid from 17 February.

A mysterious car accident changes Maciek's life completely. His wife Janina dies in the incident. Most probably the woman committed suicide. However, Maciej has no idea why the accident happened near Mrągowo since Janina said she was going on a business trip to Cracow. Was she mistaken? Or was she lying? The distraught man sets out on a journey to solve the mystery of her death. He soon finds himself on the trail of a certain Wojnar, an actor whom he suspects of having an affair with his dead wife. From this moment, the questions begin to multiply and the tragedy turns into a complicated puzzle. Maciej concludes that he may not have known the woman he married at all ...

A feature production of CANAL+ ORIGINAL, which is worth seeing. Światowid Cinema invites you to the screenings of the film "Wyrwa" from 17 February.


"Salt Lake".

The latest work of Katarzyna Rosłaniec, director of such films as "Galerianki" and "Bejbi Blues". A brave story about love and sex after sixty. "Salt Lake" at Kino Światowid from 17 March.

The main character of this story - Helena - had only one lover in her life, her husband. He provided her with erotic fulfilment and financial security. They have three grown-up children. When it is revealed that the man is cheating on her and a modelling career is on the horizon, Helena takes control of her life for the first time in her life. Everything that happens is new, unknown and exciting for her. Does she want to cheat on him? Does she want to break free from his domination? Or does she want to taste another man, just as others want to taste drugs? The most important thing for her is to remain true to herself.

A film that is sure to move the entire audience. "Salt Lake" at Światowid Cinema from 17 March.


Tickets can be purchased:

- online

- at the box office of Centrum Spotkań Europejskich "Światowid". The box office is open from Monday to Friday from 2.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. On Saturdays and Sundays from 11.30 a.m. to 8.30 p.m.

- at the ticket machine located in the hall of CSE "Światowid" (payment by card) from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

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