"Once the performance starts, you can enter your world"

The 25th edition of the National Word Art Festival "... czy to jest kochanie", which takes place at the Światowid European Meeting Centre. Today (18 January), during rehearsals and auditions, we talked to its participants.

- Singing is foremost our passion - emphasises Maksymilian Kowalski, who will present himself in the musical part of the event. - It is very nice to see many artists and different performances of well-known and lesser-known songs. You can discover a lot of talent, meet new people and fulfil yourself in singing - he says about the festival. Why is music important to him? - In primary school I was always taken to some kind of performance and it always gave me a lot of pleasure, my mum enrolled me in Mr Poliszczuk's lessons and I have been attending for 10 years now. I get joy, pleasure and great satisfaction from it all the time.

- We both love the tension that always appears when you sing on stage - adds Aleksandra Tylus. - It gives great satisfaction. I have always loved singing, I started taking singing classes in kindergarten.

Who inspires the festival participants? Aleksandra listens to K-pop, and she also likes the Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer. At the auditions, she will present the songs "Jestem chora" by Dorota Osińska and "Czy pamiętasz, jak to było" by Edyta Geppert. Maksymilian listens to classical music, and French music of the 1950s, and likes Latin music. In a duet with his girlfriend, he will present "Trwaj chwilo, trwaj" by Elżbieta Adamiak and "Zapominam" by Michał Bajor.

The festival "... czy to jest kochanie" is also a recitation performance.

- I will be presenting two poems by Julian Tuwim, "Ty" and "List do kobiety" - says Jakub Kosiński. - I like Tuwim's poetry, I liked one of these poems before, but then I searched further and came up with just such a composition. I got hooked on such competitions 1.5 years ago - he admits.

The Words Art Festival is his first nationwide competition. Why is poetry important? - I think it's something that simply reaches a person, or doesn't. But if one searches, thinks about the subject, analyses and feels poetry, then one is bound to find something for oneself, because poetry has a very wide range.

- I will present an excerpt from Kotarski's short story "Mężczyzna, który uderzy dziecko" in a compilation with Tuwim's poem "Jeżeli" - says Karol Moszczuk about his participation in the festival. - These texts have been sitting in me for a long time, I chose them because of the emotions I want to convey. I hope that this performance will express what I feel - he stresses.

How do the participants deal with stress during the auditions and performances?

- There is a little bit of stress, but once you go on stage it all disappears. Once the performance starts, you can enter your world.... - Aleksandra Tylus says.

- ... and get into character. It's an amazing feeling - adds Maksymilian Kowalski. - When you go on stage, you feel such confidence that 'I want to be here'.

The artists remind us that performing on stage is not only about the voice. Appearance, contact with the audience, feeling and understanding of the piece, emotional charge, and self-confidence all play a part in the reception.

This morning, auditions in the recitation category began as part of the ongoing festival at the Światowid. Performers of the poetic song will present themselves from 5 pm in the Nobilis Gallery. Admission to the competition part of the festival is free. Winners selected by the jury will present their performances of works at a gala on 19 March, at which prizes will be awarded. On Sunday evening, Stanisława Celińska will perform in front of the audience.

Source: portel.pl

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