International exhibition in Światowid until 18 June

The international exhibition "The Wodnicki Family and Watercolourists" has just opened at the Światowid European Meetings Centre in Elbląg. It will be open to the public until 18 June. The entrance is free. You are more than welcome!

Artists from Poland, Sweden and Norway took part in the event. The exhibition features a variety of artistic techniques, including painting, artistic textiles, ceramics, drawing and watercolour.

"Eight artists have been invited to this exhibition, from two neighbouring countries, namely Norway and Sweden, as well as Poland. Representatives of various disciplines namely watercolour and pastel and printmaking and drawing. We wanted to show the city and the people of Elbląg a piece of art from another region. That's why the diversity. I think it will interest the audience. The works came from Norway and Sweden by various means, of course, so that they wouldn't be expensive trips, although they are. Well, we managed to pull it all together. Four ladies from Sweden with wonderful watercolours, two gentlemen and two Wodnicki ladies. Wonderful paintings. I think it is worth the effort to show the city that other art is not so different from what is created locally or in Poland. It is diverse, and this was the idea behind the exhibition" - encourages curator Krzysztof Cywiński.


We invite you to watch the video report of the opening:


The exhibition will be open until 18 June 2023 during the opening hours of the CSE "Światowid" in Elbląg.

Place: 1st - 2nd floor, Nobilis Gallery, CSE "Światowid" in Elbląg

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