The "To Tame the City" exhibition will be closed on 3 May

We would like to inform you that in connection with the National Day of the Third of May, the exhibition "To Tame the City. Everyday life in Elbląg in the years 1945-1949" will be closed on 3 May 2023. We invite you to visit the exhibition next Wednesday, 10 May from 12:00 to 20:00.
The entrance is free.


To Tame the City. Everyday life in Elbląg in the years 1945-49

What did Elbląg look like a few days after the liberation, a few weeks, a few months? Who lived there and where? What equipment did they use? These are the questions the creators of the multimedia exhibition "To Tame the City. Everyday life in Elbląg in the years 1945-49'. The exhibition can be viewed free of charge every Wednesday from 12: p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the "Światowid" European Meeting Centre in Elbląg. Schools and organised groups are also welcome.

The exhibition is multimedia in nature - multimedia tables, holographic pyramids, overhead projectors, a multimedia floor or a model were used to present issues related to the post-war fate of Elbląg. It can be visited traditionally, by watching and reading prepared materials, or by using the application.

- We encourage the use of the app via mobile phones, especially for young people visiting us, but not only - say the organisers. - This is a completely different way of getting to know the exhibition; in the form of a game and play, specific knowledge about Elbląg just after the war is conveyed.

The exhibition presents archival photographs and films - newsreels, showing Elbląg before the war and during the passing of the Red Army. Recollections of people who found themselves in the city a while after liberation, equipment used by Elbląg's pioneers. There is also a map on which one can find the names of streets from before the war, from the times of the People's Republic of Poland and the current ones. All this creates an atmosphere of entering a world from almost 80 years ago and the opportunity to take a closer look at it, thanks to new technology.

A virtual reality room is also an integral part of the exhibition. Using VR goggles, you can visit one of the first photographic factories in post-war Elbląg and help a photographer take pictures in the factory.

The exhibition can be viewed at the "Światowid" European Meeting Centre in Elbląg on the second floor every Wednesday from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. Admission is free.

For organised groups, it is possible to arrange a different, convenient time of the visit, preceded by a prior reservation: tel. 55 611 20 69; 55 611 20 84 or e-mail:

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