Develop your interests at the Active Senior Club!

Photography workshops, paper wicker classes, or maybe crocheting meetings? Seniors, develop your passions at the "Światowid" European Meeting Centre in Elbląg and take advantage of the wide range of activities at the Active Senior Club.


Do you have more free time that you would like to devote to meeting new people or additional activities? Come and join us! Most activities of the Active Senior Club are free of charge and take place in the mornings. We invite you to spend time together creatively. We provide the necessary materials and a friendly atmosphere.


The workshops offer includes:


  • herbology,
  • photography
  • painting and drawing,
  • visual arts,
  • coaching,


as well as meetings at:


  • board games
  • bridge,
  • crochet.


The number of places is limited. Registration required.


For more information: tel: 55 611 20 59,





Schedule for May 2023:





"Meetings at Crochet"


10:00 -12:00, every Monday


Weaving workshop, block C




"Monday board games"


10:00 -12:00, every Monday


Art workshop, block C







Coaching workshop


09.05.2023 r.




Painting studio, block C







Herb workshop - "In harmony with nature"


17.05.2023 r.


10:00 -11:30, weaving workshop, block C




"Wednesday with art"


Painting and drawing workshops


10.05.2023 r.


10:00 -12:00


painting studio, block C


Paid: 10zł


Photography workshops




17.05.2023 r. - field classes


9:00 - 12:00


31.05.2023 r. - practical classes in CSE "Światowid"




Paid - PLN 30 per month



Art workshops 


"Creative projects"


24.05.2023 r.


10:00 -12:00, weaving studio, block C


Paid: 10 PLN



Bridge Club


9:00- 12:30, every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday


Weaving workshop, block C



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